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London based female performance and fashion DJ

AlphaSonic Lounge 006

By on 12th May 2017

11 New Tracks in the mix. Flirting with flicks of full on 4-to-the-floor Techno whilst still bringing in a rhythmical African vibe. Check the video below. Tracklisting below, also on: Mixcloud.

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 Paul Johnson – Give Me Ecstasy
Benjamin Damage & Deapmash – Solar 909
Tommy Trash – Come Get It (LondonBridge Remix)
Ellen Allien – Call Me
Nan Kol̬ РMalumz (Formation Boyz Remix)
Bungalovv – Tregua
Tsvi – Parade
Korzi – Primal
DJ Nervoso – Avacs
Akira Akira – Gyokai
Suda – Idiopath
Fatal Walima – War (Douster Remix)
Neverdogs – Franz Costa
Reelow – Propaganda (Hector Remix)
Harvy Valencia – Rich Forever
Bad Zu – Ghana Boyz