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The AlphaSonic Lounge 005

By on 26th April 2017

AlphaSonic Lounge 005

Oh Snap! London Sound Academy has moved their LSALive studio into the heart of London. Double-oh-Five is a truly tasty onslaught of syncopated percussion and bass. We’re getting closer to that Ethno sound!

21 new tracks in the mix. Check the video below. Tracklisting also below, also available to stream on: Soundcloud and Mixcloud.

Download full mix as an mp3 from


The AlphaSonic Lounge 004 (Jungle Edition)

By on 11th April 2017

The AlphaSonic Lounge (Jungle Edition)

Back again for the bi-weekly special. I went rouge as it’s the last show from LSA Live in Camden Market. So, I got stuck in with a bunch of my own favourite Jungle and older DnB tracks. Because the Jungle is Massif.

As usual, you can listen from Soundcloud, or Mixcloud. You can additionally download your own copy of the mix from



UnSeen 1 (Impromptu mix)

By on 7th April 2017

Unseen 1

I need to mix more.

So I’m doing so. No prior preparation – just open up the fresh digital crates and figure it out on the way.







1 Lee Walker – Freak Like Me (Armand Van Helden Remix)

2 Mark Knight – Fall Down On Lee

3 Hannah Wants – Just (feat. Kristine W)

4 Claude VonStroke – Make A Cake (Original Mix)

5 Gregory Porter – Liquid Spirit (Claptone Remix)

6 Hardsoul & Dirty Freek – Just Another Face (feat. MO)

7 Eddie Amador – House Music (Robosonic Remix)

8 DJ S.K.T – Poison (Original Mix)

9 KiNK – Valentine’s Groove

10 Kenny Brian – Aleluya (Extended Mix)

11 Bakongo – Skin 2 Skin

12 Kachina – Flute Rydim

13 Callahan – Kudzu

14 Deadbeat – Xberg Ghosts

15 Cirez D  – IN THE REDS (Original Mix)



The AlphaSonic Lounge 003

By on 28th March 2017

AlphaSonic Lounge 003

Already at Double-Oh Three!

19 Tracks in the mix, some old, most new. Check the video below. Tracklisting below, also available to stream on: Soundcloud and Mixcloud.

Download full mix as an mp3 from


The AlphaSonic Lounge 002

By on 15th March 2017

AlphaSonic Lounge 002

Completely new setup, using Native Instruments Maschine Jam controller and NI Traktor Z1 mixer.

11 New Tracks in the mix. Check the video below. Tracklisting below, also on: Soundcloud and Mixcloud.

Download full mix as an mp3 from


So Fresh: Muthoni the Drummer Queen

By on 3rd March 2017

Just saw this on Facebook and it’s LIT. As in – Kenyan Bass Music is a thing. I’m beyond ecstatic <3

The Alphasonic Lounge 001

By on 28th February 2017

Live Recording from LSA Live.

Monday 27th February


New Online Radio Show: The Alphasonic Lounge

By on 27th February 2017

Bit of a whim here, but I’ve decided to start my own bi-weekly radio show via London Sound Academy Live.

They stream through Chew.TV and I’ll likely be recording via Mixlr as well as uploading them as a podcast the next day.

Today (Monday 27th February) is the first show and likely to be full of all sorts of teething problems.

Especially as Torq is deciding to not play ball and my version of Traktor is archaic. The question is, do I go with my old faithful setup, or step up and trail my Maschine Jam and Traktor set up I’ve just updated….


Upcoming Gig: VauxComp #17 (The Resolution Edition)

By on 23rd January 2017

It’s no secret that in addition to mixing music, I’m a little bit in love with bouldering. As such – it’s always exciting when this unconventional DJ residency gets to be aired far and wide.

VauxWall February VauxComp 17

Wednesday 1st February 2017 at VauxWall in Vauxhall (see what they did there?)

Music style will be a random selector of anything that will get people hyped to climb and have a good time.

I’ll likely be streaming the peak hour via Mixlr live. In any case, a best of mix will be up in the days to come.

NecroMonger: SyncoBass (2016)

By on 17th January 2017